Baby me, real me.

Baby me, real me.

Wayne D. Lewis

Many years ago I was doodling at work, trying to draw a quick sketch of my dog, Stella, a Jack Russell terrier. One of the doodle dogs came out pretty well, only one problem for a dog named Stella, it had five legs. But I kept the sketch (see top of page), it was such a “happy” dog.  When it came time to pick a logo for a little art side business about 1995, I chose the drawing. It all grew from there until Happydog has become my online identity.

Happydog63=Wayne D. Lewis

I am an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years, but lately photography has become my main creative outlet. There is something about the immediacy and intimacy when working with a subject that fills my need for instant gratification. 

Contact me for portrait and event photography. As well as logo and other graphic design work. My main job is as editor/art director of a small magazine, so I can do a fair amount of wordsmithing, as well.